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Interview with Saskia Cakoci IFBB Pro

Várszegi Gábor   2017. augusztus 10.


​A pleasant surprise for you for today.
It was an honor that Saskia Cakoci accepted my invite and answered my questions.
Please welcome the interview.

Fitnessandmass: I take many pictures from you on the stage, but personally we only met last year on the world championship in Bialystok, where we were introduced by Igor Kopcek to each other.

Since than we met on multiple competitions, and I am still extremely happy that I can work with you as the member of the Eastlab Team.

Thank you for accepting our request.

Fitnessandmass: How old were you when you started doing fitness? Did you do any sport before?
Saskia Cakoci: The first time I went to the gym was when I was around 19 years old. Since then I never stopped. But I was not thinking about competing, I was doing it just for myself, for my figure and it was also a great way to relax for me. When I was 27 I began to prepare for my first show in bikini. Before this I used to do a whole range of dancing varying from classic ballet to acrobatic rock n roll.

Fitnessandmass: Why did you choose to compete?
Saskia Cakoci: It happend the same way it usualy happens with everyone- my coach decided that I should try it. So I did. But frankly- I didn 't really have any expectations.

Fitnessandmass: Are you satisfied with the results?
Saskia Cakoci: Sure, very much :) but I still see many things that I should improve.

Fitnessandmass: Do you share with us your results?
Saskia Cakoci: I am thankful for all my results, good or bad. What I value the most is my Slovakian, European and World champion titles and of course the Overall titles from Diamond cup and Olympia Amateur Spain.

Fitnessandmass: How do you keep up your motivation?
Saskia Cakoci: Well, this is something that is hard to maintain for everyone and so it is for me. It 's easy to say- stay focused, remember why you started etc. But when it comes to burnout nothing from these will help. When this happens the worst thing you can do is to push more. What I do is that I literally switch off. I take a short brake and the last thing that comes to my mind is fitness. But after some time it naturally comes back and I have this feeling of missing dumbbells and clean diet :) because that 's just me, that 's what I trully love. It 's like with your best friend or life partner. There are days you want to kill them and what do you do? Do you stay and argue? No, you go away and take time for yourself and than you come back because no mater what they did, wthout them there would be a big dark whole in your life.

Fitnessandmass: What was the best advice ever given to you?
Saskia Cakoci: Never underestimate your competition and stay humble.

Fitnessandmass: How is your typical weekly workout schedule?
Saskia Cakoci: It varies from on to off season. I train all parts of upper body once a week, legs once and glutes two to three times. Off season is without any cardio and I add it to my schedule only in prep. I always listen to my body when it comes to workout. 

Fitnessandmass: What is your favorite workout and why?
Saskia Cakoci: I don 't really have a favourite one. I like all my workouts, all of them are hard and require a lot of focus. 

Fitnessandmass: How much does workout and preparation determinate your daily routine?
Saskia Cakoci: A lot. When I prepare for competitions workouts take two hours from my day, I divide them in two fases- morning and evening and then there is a posing routine training and food prep for the next day. If you have a job you really need to be a good time manager.

Fitnessandmass: How supports you the most in the hard times of your preparation?
Saskia Cakoci: Noone :) I chose to meet only with people who don 't pity me. If you want to do this sport people who tell you- oh you poor girl, stay strong- are probably the worst thing that can happen to you. When I come and say I am tired the only answer I get is- well that 's normal, take a small nap and go on :)

Fitnessandmass: Do you have an idol? Who is that?
Saskia Cakoci:  No, never had one.

Fitnessandmass: What is in your fridge?
Saskia Cakoci:  Something that I call Fitness Classic – plenty of eggs, chicken meat, plenty of vegetables and fruits, some butter and there are always some boxes with prepared food.

Fitnessandmass: How is your regular daily meal plan? 
Saskia Cakoci: Differes from day to day, but it mainly consists of meat, eggs, oats, potatoes, veggies and fruits.

Fitnessandmass: Do you use supplements? What kind? 
Saskia Cakoci: Yes, I use supplemets from my sponsor BioTech USA. Off season I use just protein, BCAA and Vitamins and I also eat plenty of protein bars with zero sugar :) On season is more about CLA 's, ALA 's, vitamines, minerals, imune support and preworkouts without sugar or creatine.
Fitnessandmass: What is the next step for you? 
Saskia Cakoci: 9th of September WOS Arizona Bikini PRO.

Fitnessandmass: What kind of precautions do you do to avoid injuries?
Saskia Cakoci: I always take care about my training technique, which I worked on since I began with going to the gym and I stretch after every workout. I don 't do anything special.

Fitnessandmass: What kind of mental preparation do you do before and on the competition/stage ?Saskia Cakoci: No mental preparation there :) you mentaly prepare yourself the whole prep, there 's no need to overthink, this does more harm than good.
Fitnessandmass: What do you think about the new generation of the sport? What would you tell them?Saskia Cakoci: I see many girls on stage who really want to do this but not really as a sport. This IS sport. And yes i tis about having fans and become popular too, but first you must be a real athlete to achieve something.

Fitnessandmass: What would you recommend to those who are about to change their lifestyle, and want to be fit and healthy?
Saskia Cakoci: Go step by step. Write your goals on the piece of paper and follow. Choose what is the priority and make small changes everyday to achieve that. To live fit means to change the whole lifestyle and you can 't do it overnight.

Hope I will have a chance to document your professional career in the future, and wish you a lot of success.


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